Receiving newsletters helped me stay on top of things in a hectic senior year. The system you guys have going doesn't need improvement, it is perfect.
--Vathana L, student

My son barely made the top 5% in GPA at his high school, yet his award totals were double any other student. He accepted the $160,000 award, thanks to College Bound Funding.
--Barbara. T, parent

I am a high school counselor. College Bound Funding helped me in three ways: financially, marketing my children so college will want them, and running interference for me as a parent. I saved thousands more than I paid.
--Lee A, parent and H.S. counselor

We received offers ranging from $16,000 to over $22,000 per year. Now meeting the cost of college is something our family can accomplish.
--Judy and Lachlian M, parents

The benefits to our family include reducing the immediate cash flow requirements for tuition, room and board from $20,570 to $3,267, a reduction of 84%.
--Connie H, Financial Planner and Parent

Our expected family contribution was increased by over $10,000 per year.
--David P, parent

We are so thrilled! We showed this scholarship offer to Financial Reserve, our financial advisors; the proof that your program works.
--Linda G, Mother of $68,000 scholarship recipient

Our Lewis and Clark award offer of $19,525/year was increased by $4,800 for a total of $23,325. Other parents were amazed at this additional money.
--Markeeta K, parent/school teacher

I am stunned. Rebecca received an additional grant of $15,915 plus a subsidized loan (in her third year) allowing her to stay in school thanks to your special circumstances process.
--Tom W, parent looking for work

I followed the College Bound Funding special circumstances negotiation process. I did as instructed and by the end of the day the scholarship offer has increased by $9,000 per year.
--Susan M, parent of Natasha

We submitted a special circumstances letter and we received an additional $4,500 per year.
--Mr. and Mrs. M, parents

Kenyon bought Sophie a plane ticket to Ohio so she can visit. I'm pretty sure her activity sheet, phone scrip, interview help and 'Thank You' card drill helped her get their attention.
--Joanne D, parent

Your tools and direction guided us to 4 out of 6 colleges with lots of award money for my son.
--Kate M., parent