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College Bound Funding offers an array of helpful and informative tools to guide you through the process of finding and qualifying for college money. All of the following products are entirely free!

College Bound Planner Newsletter

The College Bound Planner is a proven tool for helping students increase both their college choices and award money. Remember: it is first come, first serve when it comes to college money! Click here for more info.

Constructing A Student Resume

Creating a Student Resume helps build student confidence, differentiates the student from many others who seem unprepared, and allows the student to reframe him/herself while emphasizing their strengths. Click here for more info.

College Visitation Guide

A College Visitation Guide radically lowers the odds of the student switching colleges, allows the student to get a "gut feel" of the campus and the campus tone, and gives students and parents critical information needed for screening that campus in or out as a choice. Click here for more info.

Optimizing Special Circumstances

Optimizing Special Circumstances tells you how to define your special circumstances in a clear and concise manner, how you begin your negotiations, and makes sure you arrive with an in-college recommendation when initiating negotiations. Click here for more info.

Creating A Marketable Essay

Creating a Marketable Essay helps create essay openings that compel college readers to read it all, encourages economic writings, increases chances of student acceptance, and can increase college awards. Click here for more info.

College Evaluation Guide

A College Evaluation Guide makes the most of these early yet important conversations, personalizing your initial college contact that moves admissions to "YES WE WANT YOUR STUDENT," while forming a personal relationship with your "go to person" at the college. Click here for more info.

Financial Need Analysis

A Financial Need Analysis helps predict the annual cost of college in advance, provides the family with their financial need amounts according to the federal and private colleges system, and allows family to know if they can increase their financial need and by how much. Click here for more info.