1st Pathway: Maximize Your Award

Many would be surprised to learn that private colleges can often end up being similar in cost to state colleges. Today, the average graduate takes 5½ years to graduate from many state colleges. By learning to maximize your awards, you may find better alternatives for your student.

The federal system is based on formulas that determine the family's Expected Family Contribution (EFC). Getting an early start on understanding your own EFC amount allows you time to maximize your financial need using proven financial strategies.

Knowing your EFC is a major factor for strategizing ways to maximize your college awards.

College Bound Funding offers a Financial Need Analysis based on your current and projected income during the college years. Now you can learn your financial need amount and how much more financial need you can get.

IMPORTANT: All families, including those without financial need can better locate colleges that match student needs and provide generous award money..

Obtain a Financial Need Analysis--whether you have financial need or not--the essential tool for predicting your college cost and selection.