3rd Pathway: Market Your Student

Getting into college today is more competitive than ever. The 'new economy' is forcing many state colleges to increase their cost of attendance by 10% while cutting up to 32% of their openings (California in 2010). Families with college bound students are turning to private schools ratcheting the already competitive college scramble up a couple notches. Already, academic middle of the road colleges receive 10 applications for every student enrolled. Highly competitive schools have 20 applicants for each person enrolled. If you want your student to be accepted by most of the colleges applied to you should follow three guidelines:

If you want to maximize your financial need and scholarship money the student has to stand out from the crowd. Learning how to package and market the student is more important than most people realize. Students get profiled for desirability on a number of levels. Then colleges prioritize them according to the desirability. Students placed higher up on this list will be the first ones accepted. They are also usually the students rewarded with more college award money. Other students are put on the 'wait list.' These students probably get less money than those immediately accepted.

Colleges recruit those students that fit into and help create the best freshman class possible. All things being equal, colleges are usually more generous to and admit those community-minded, student leaders who they like best and remember the most. Your jobs as parent and student is to get this across in a way colleges will accept your message.

Student marketing opportunities with colleges--do not squander these opportunities:

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