College Money Manual

The College Money Manual is a book (printed and ebook) designed to get you cash for college!

The author has already helped over 1,700 families of all income levels average over $76,000 in college award money.

With the College Money Manual, you will learn how the college system works, where the money is, and how to access it. This book provides a step-by-step plan for locating and affording the “just right college” along with college money.

The premise regarding need:

Why buy this book?

There is no other comprehensive book or website regarding college money!

The author, Mike Brady, has a Masters degree in Education from the University of Portland. After a few years working with youth at-risk Mike earned a teaching degree plus another 45 post graduate hours. He taught high school for over a decade. For the past 18 years Mike has enjoyed conducting over 250 college planning workshops and the privilege of guiding over 1700 students and their families through the college maze. This includes financial expertise and developing a college planning template that guides students of all economic strata to colleges that fit their personal needs while accessing maximum college award money averaging over $76,000 each in college award money.

The College Money Manual will be published in 2013. Check this page later to learn how to purchase and/or download this invaluable tool directing you to college money!