About Us

Since 1994, over 1,700 families have followed our four pathways to college planning and have accessed an average of $70,000 college award money for over $130 million total. Less than 2% of these students have switched their four year colleges because they found and received very lucrative college awards at colleges that meet their personal and academic needs.

In 2002, some clients assisted us in creating a foundation that would formalize our practices in assisting low-income students. We established the College Bound Funding Foundation which provides free services to resulting in over $10 million to low-income students. Ten percent of all revenue is set aside to support our Foundations activities.

There is a constant barrage of news about continued increases in college, families sacrificing home equity and retirement funds, student graduating with large student loans, and some of our best and brightest not attending college at all. This is closely connected to students and families attempting to manage their $100,000 to $220,000 investment in four or more years of college without accurate information and an effective planning schedule. Don't depend on our hardworking but overburdened high school counselors for your entire college planning. You situation will lack the attention required for such an important business investment.

Therefore, we have established a website which provides important information about the four pathways to aid the student and parents during the college planning process. We offer our free College Bound Planner with 33 planning newsletters that will arrive in an effective sequenced order that guide families through college planning. Together with a weekly "action-items" meeting, students and families can negotiate the college maze, bringing order into the chaos of college planning.

Advanced planning is also available for those wanting to maximize their college choices and award money. This will guide families with specifics to their situation similar to our more costly, face-to-face process established over the last seventeen years for a fraction of the cost.

Thank you for your interest and we hope that we have been able to convince you that today's gigantic college expense should be treated as business.